Reduce Your Living Costs In Simple Ways

When you have a fully fledged family to look after you can often struggle to make enough money and live the lifestyle you want to.

Money management is a skill which can be hard to master, but when you are faced with a situation like this you have no choice but to learn.

If there is no way of you earning a better salary at your job, the best way you can make life easier is to find ways to reduce your living costs. This will benefit every member of your family and will allow you to stay financially stable throughout the years.

Bundle Your Services

If you have a family Home and you have an Internet, phone and cable TV service- it can often save you a lot of money if you bundle the services instead. This will allow you the ease of having everything under one plan as well as a reduced cost for the extra services combined. You can search on a site such as money supermarket to compare prices of these bundles and find the best one to suit you.

Cut out the extras

Most people these days don’t use their landline phone for much else than an emergency, so what’s the sense in paying for 24-7 phone usage? If you can change your plan to evenings and weekends; it will cost you less money each month and therefore you can save on these costs. The same can apply to other services which you don’t utilise so keep an eye out for those niggling little costs on your monthly bills.

Take advantage of vouchers

When you take a trip to your local supermarket to do your weekly shop, you will most likely be given some vouchers to put towards your next shop. Before you ignore these vouchers and create a new shopping list for the following week, it might be useful to see what they are. For example if you got a voucher for something like cheese, you could decide to buy this and make mac and cheese for the next week. This saves you money and makes your shopping much smarter than it was before. It makes a lot of sense!

Buy reduced

When you shop in the produce section of your supermarket; you will most likely walk right past the reduced section without a second glance. However if you take the time to look in this section you will most likely find perfectly good fruit and vegetables to buy. The best before date on fruit and vegetables doesn’t mean a thing: you will need to look at the fruit and you will know if it is bad or not.

Reduce your insurance premiums

Insurance is a key thing to have for pretty much everything you own, but it can also be incredibly costly. The key to making sure you don’t overspend in your insurance is to compare prices. For example you can look on Money Expert to find cheap car insurance and this can end up saving you hundreds of dollars in fees. Take your time and shop around: it pays you be fussy because you will save a huge chunk of money in the long run.

Be smart with energy

One of the biggest costs you and your family will face is the energy you use every month in the house. With the rise of electronic devices it is likely that you are using a huge chunk of electricity every single day. If you want to reduce your bills you need to be smart with the energy you use. For example you could invest in energy saving light bulbs, get motion sensor lights for the bathroom, and even cook food in large batches to use less electric or gas. At night the use of candles can stop you having to blast the heating too.

Find cheaper entertainment

When you have children it can be really difficult to keep them entertained. If you want to avoid having to spend money on the zoo or a theme park every weekend, you need to find alternatives to do as a family. A day out in the countryside with a few snacks can be a great way to have fun as a family and spend some quality time together. You can even bring some toys like a ball or frisbee to play with while you sit and have your lunch. If your children have anime you can even go on family bike rides around the area which will be fun, tiring and cheap.

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