Review – Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Review by Heather, WFM Team.

I played this game with my 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter.  They really enjoyed setting the game up which took a few minutes but that was deemed part of the fun.  It’s a simple game to play, and they picked it up fairly quickly though my 4 year old obviously struggled with the words however my 7 year old helped out with that!  They were both very intrigued about how the tooth disappears and the coin appears, however my son quickly worked this out due to his naturally very inquisitive nature.

A couple of downsides; the teeth don’t actually fit in the backpack they are supposed to go in to, and there’s nothing in the rules to say if you can only remove 1 tooth at a time.   We guessed that you could have more than 1 tooth removed, but you could only place 1 tooth at a time under the pillow.

Overall this is a nice, simple game that the children loved and it was fun enough to keep adults entertained too!

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