For 2-4 players aged 4+

Doh Nutters is really quick and easy to set up and the rules are simple; use your elephant mask to pick up the doughnuts and whoever gets all of their doughnuts on their trunk is the winner.  There are 4 different coloured masks and corresponding plastic rings (doughnuts).

I supervised my 2 children (George aged 7 and Scarlett aged 4) and my nephews aged 9 and 7, playing the game.  Initially they were all quite eager to play however it became apparent very quickly that it was very difficult to pick the doughnuts up.  The idea behind the game is good but the trunks have been designed to make it very difficult (even for an adult) to pick the doughnuts up.  There was definitely a fair amount of cheating going on whilst playing this game!

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Review by Heather, WFM Team.

I played this game with my 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter.  They really enjoyed setting the game up which took a few minutes but that was deemed part of the fun.  It’s a simple game to play, and they picked it up fairly quickly though my 4 year old obviously struggled with the words however my 7 year old helped out with that!  They were both very intrigued about how the tooth disappears and the coin appears, however my son quickly worked this out due to his naturally very inquisitive nature.

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Being a  mum of two and expecting baby number three it can often feel like I’m ‘Spinning Plates’ trying to run my 2 businesses. So when I came across this book I was interested in it immediately.

Parents can often feel guilty when making choices regarding work and often worry over that work/life balance. I’ve definitely been there myself. With my first child I went back to work full time, with my second I became a stay at home mum but felt like I wasn’t contributing and needed something for my brain so a year later set up my own business and now work from home around the children. As you can see I’ve tried several different options and by doing so believe I have found what’s right for me and my family, however I wish I’d had this book at the very start of my motherhood journey.

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Customer Service Course provided by High Speed Training, review by Lucy Beckford, NYR Organic

I was eager to review the Customer Service module of the High Speed Training company as I’m aware that good customer service makes or breaks a business, regardless of the product involved.  High Speed Training describe the course as benefiting anyone wishing to learn and develop customer service skills to assist in the workplace. The course is ideal for those who deal directly with customers, and also those who manage customer service in the business.

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Time Management Course  from High Speed Training, Review by Heather Tarrant

As a contributor to Work for Mums, Suzannah asked me if I would like to complete an online course and write a review for the WFM website.  I agreed and had a look through the topics available to me and decided on ‘Time Management’ as some of the other courses weren’t relevant to my current job roles, and I already run work-based courses in customer care.  Time Management is an area that I think most of us can improve on and I know my husband would definitely agree that I need to improve (by the way I haven’t told him about this course)!

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Work For Mums has recently been sent Spin Mania game to review.  Founder of WFM, Suzannah, has reviewed this product along with Josef age 7 and Seren age 5.

What is Spin Mania?
Spin Mania is a game testing speed and agility.  It’s a bit like the magicians spinning plates trick but with a modern twist.  It can be played solo but is much more fun with other players.  

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Suzannah here at Work For Mums was delighted to have been sent Pumpazing game to review (even more excited were her two little helpers who had seen the promotional television advert!).

What is Pumpazing?
Pumpazing is a game for children aged 3-6 years.  The main character is called Zingy, a round Alien type plastic character, with pull out ‘pumping’ arms.  On his head there are 4 slots for the Zinger heads which are plastic round funny faces. The Zinger heads slot into Zingy and players take in turns to pump Zingy’s arms in and out.  The Zinger heads can pop out at any time causing much amusement and surprise!

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Suzannah here at WFM is delighted to have been selected to review a fantastic new product called Fruit Shoot Smencils.

What are Smencils? 

Smencils are the world’s only scented pencils to be made from 100% recycled newspaper.  Here is some information from their promotional leaflet:

“Draw” attention with environmentally friendly Smencils and Smens: scented pencils and pens made from 100% recycled newspaper! Ages 3+

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