Rolling with the Homepage

Untitled designChances are your homepage is set to Google?

Mine was too until I discovered Google IG (igoogle).  For the WAHM it is a helpful tool to organise your google homepage – here are some of the brilliant features of IG:

  • You can set a theme – there are loads of different themes to choose from including Fireworks (for a bad day at the office), Animated Nemo (for when child is on lap), Cherry Blossom (for a little bit of Feng Shui) and Office Mouse (for when you really have to get some work done)
  • You can add gadgets such as Calendar, Quotes of the Day and lots of fun stuff (home page spiders, cats etc.)
  • You can choose a news feed
  • You can have a Facebook feed on it!
  • You can add a feed from your gmail account so you can view e-mail


All the above features and you can still use it as your google homepage for usual web searches etc. So what are you waiting for? Set yours up today!:

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