Setting up a Gravatar

First of all, what is a Gravatar?! It’s a globally recognized avatar of course…

And what’s an Avatar?
An avatar is the graphical representation of yourself, or of your alter ego/character.  Your gravatar is linked to your email address (more than one if required)  and follows you from site to site.  When you comment on a blog or post in a forum, your gravatar will appear next to your post.

Why have one?

  • It saves you time uploading your image every time you register with a site or comment on a blog
  • Familiarity – people who you talk to online on a regular basis will recognise you instantly
  • Identity – it can help you build awareness for your business if appropriate

It will automatically link to any of your registrations on WordPress sites, which is handy if you are setting up your profile on a forum or creating a business listing.

Here is a guide for you to set up your gravatar:

Go to

  1. Click ‘Get your Gravatar today’, or if you already have a WordPress account you can log in bottom left of the screen
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click the link in your confirmation email
  4. Create a username and password
  5. Add your required gravatar image and click next (you can view and crop your image on the next screen)
  6. Rate your gravatar (preferably as G if you are using it for business related purposes)
  7. You can now manage your gravatars from your account, adding more as required
  8. Now you can add comments on posts and forums and providing you are logged in using your email address, your gravatar will appear
  9. If you have any problems please log-in to and go to FAQ’s

Good luck!

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