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Should You Stay Or Should You Go? Making Your Job Better

There’s something about starting a family that seriously makes you reevaluate your working life. Whether it’s the fact that you want to earn more to provide your children with greater security, or the fact that you want to claw back a better work life balance or even just that if you’re spending time away from your family you want your work to be something which makes you proud and passionate, you may find yourself considering leaving your job or starting up your own business. It’s a big decision, and more than a little nerve-wracking. So what factors to you need to think about when deciding whether to stay or go?

Do you need to change your life at work?

If the balance isn’t right in your current job, it doesn’t automatically have to follow that you need a new one. If there are specific factors which need to change, consider whether you can achieve that where you are. We are surrounded by stories that make it seem as if extreme change is the only possible way – people who gave up a career in investment banking to grow organic vegetables – but we need to remember that what makes a good story isn’t always what would solve our own problems. Incremental change is highly beneficial, and everyone knows that it’s generally easier to fix an issue from the inside. You have the option to make a small change – like proposing a change in your working hours – that can make a big difference in a small way.

Do you need to change your skill set?

Sometimes, we can like the area we work on, but not have quite the skill set we need to move forward to the next level. But changing your job isn’t the only way to grow in skills and experience. You could try avenues such as requesting a different range of projects to increase your exposure, shadowing colleagues in other areas of the business or seeking out a mentor. You can also find ways to gain new skills through qualifications – some courses can be done part-time or through distance learning through institutions like Aston Online University. Check what skills the people occupying the jobs you want have and think about how you can get there yourself before handing in your notice.

Do you need to take a new step?
Often people think of their jobs with a level of finality – but realise this – your next career move doesn’t have to be your last. The days of a job for life are long gone, and it’s highly likely that you’ll have several careers in your lifetime. As you grow older, your skills and ambitions change over time and you can move paths to accommodate that. Many people feel happiest with portfolio careers, where they combine several different jobs and enjoy multiple income streams instead of relying on just one – think of the model/actress/DJ/social media star for proof! People live and work for far longer these days, so it’s natural to explore many different occupations. So there’s no need to feel as if you only get one shot to choose the ideal path for you.

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