Six Creative Ways To Job Hunt

Untitled design (66)It’s been the accepted way to apply for jobs for many years – see a job, apply and send a CV, then wait. With so many people applying for most advertised jobs, though. Candidates are looking at creative ways to make their applications stand out…

1. Designer CVs

This is a favourite for creative job seekers who want to showcase their abilities. Instead of a plain white paper CV, why not design your CV and prove how creative you actually are? You could create a CV that reads like an advertising campaign, or do what one very talented creative called Eric Gandhi did and design a CV that looks like the results page for a Google search. A Google employee saw it on LinkedIn and the job was Eric’s.

2. Tailor a Proposal

What employers really need to know is what a prospective employee can do for their organisation. They don’t necessarily need to know about the projects you worked on ten years ago. Try being upfront about what you can do for them, instead.  Research the company and use the information to come up with specific ways in which you can use your skills to benefit them.

3. YouTube Presentations

Give an application the personal touch with a short introduction via video. This gives you a chance to show a bit of personality, which doesn’t always come across on an application form or covering letter. Show you’ve researched the company by talking about current news, telling the recruiter why you want to work for them, and giving examples of ways in which you fit the needs of the company.

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4. Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be very cost-effective, and a great way of getting in front of people in a particular company. You can use Facebook to network if the company has a dedicated page, and if you’re trying to attract attention, set up your own business page for job hunting and create an ad that specifically targets people in the industry you want to get into.

5. The Infographic CV

This one is for you if you want to get into a creative position – it shows your appreciation of how important good presentation is, as well as being on-trend (until the next thing comes along to replace infographics, of course). Use an infographic to represent your life, career history and talents in a really striking way. You can find infographic designers online try Piktochart or Venngage.

6. Make a Google Ad

This one takes a little planning and ingenuity, but a job hunter called Alec Brownstein used Google ads to catch the attention of top directors at the companies he wanted to work for by buying Google ads in their names, adding an advert and a link to his CV. It worked for Alex – he got a job at one of the advertising agencies he targeted. Read his story on Mashable.

Some of these techniques might be a little complicated, but are bound to show how much you really want the job…

Have you used any of these methods to job search? We’d love to hear what’s worked for you, so leave us a comment below.

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