Spin Mania Review

Work For Mums has recently been sent Spin Mania game to review.  Founder of WFM, Suzannah, has reviewed this product along with Josef age 7 and Seren age 5.

What is Spin Mania?
Spin Mania is a game testing speed and agility.  It’s a bit like the magicians spinning plates trick but with a modern twist.  It can be played solo but is much more fun with other players.  

Playing Spin Mania
Instructions: The challenge is to spin-up three plates – one at a time – and carry them on your spin spike to three scattered stands.  All three plates must still be spinning on their stands when you rush back to the spinning machine to stop the clock and mark your time.  The tricky part is that your opponent places the stands, when you are not looking, so you must have eagle eyes, quick feet AND steady hands to win.

Suzannah’s Review…

My children were very keen to help me review this product having seen the television adverts.  First impressions of the product were good – the parts were well packaged and are solid and colourful. The marker pegs which are used to track the timings on the spinning machine are very small so it’s a good idea to keep these somewhere safe as they could easily be lost.  The spinning machine requires 2 x ‘C’ sized batteries.

To start with we had to assemble the plate stands and put them around the room.  Our agreed playing area was the lounge and we kept to easy locations for them until we had a bit more practice.  Once we were ready we turned the spinning machine on and set the timer to the start position.  The spinning machine must be on a flat surface for it to work.  Once the tip was spinning, we carefully added a plate and set the timer.  Using the spin spike we then had to lift the plate from the spinning machine, take it to one of the plate stands and place it on the stand, still spinning.  This proved tricky to start with and does take practice.  Seren did get quite frustrated initially but once she had a few goes she soon got the hang of it.  Josef loved it from the start and was quite competitive; he found it very amusing that he was better than me at keeping the plates balanced and spinning.   Our game play lasted about 45 minutes and we have played a few times since then, each time for about 30 minutes.  Josef was the winner, placing all the plates onto the stands, still spinning, before the timer went off.

I really like this game as not only is it a great family game, but it also encourages patience and persistence.  It can be made more challenging/competitive for older players by ensuring the plate stands are put in various locations such as under a table, or on a shelf.  It would also be great for parties, maybe as a tag style team game.


Seren: “I like Spin Mania because it’s fun”

Josef: “Yes! they’re still spinning, I won”

You can find out more about Spin Mania, including stockists information at www.drumondpark.com The RRP of the game is £22.99.



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