Stall Holder Event Booking Tips for Direct Sellers

If you are a direct seller, it’s likely that you will want to attend events so that you can sell your wares, network with other stallholders, promote your business and recruit team members.

It’s really important that you don’t over invest in events as some can be incredibly expensive for little or no return. As a general rule events can cost anywhere from £5 per table to £25 but with large events expect to pay over £100!

We’ve come up with a list of things to consider when booking events for your direct sales business.

Event Booking Tips

  • Ask about footfall; how many visitors are anticipated, how many came to the event last time
  • Find out where the event is being advertised
  • Are there any stall offering the same or similar goods/services as you; if so how many (ask for details)
  • Always ask for terms and conditions
  • Ensure you get a receipt for your booking fee
  • If you do not get any booking instructions at least 4 weeks prior to the event, chase it up
  • If your email address is also sent to other recipients, ensure the organisers are aware this breaches data protection and confidentiality
  • Get instructions about arrangements such as parking, whether there are chairs/tables provided, are the pitches covered, are there access to refreshments etc.
  • Check if and what type of insurance is required
  • Use Google search to see if anyone has had problems with the event organisers, made a complaint or shared a negative experience


Occasionally there may be issues whereby the event is cancelled or you need to cancel for whatever reason, here are some guidelines on what to do.

  • Check the terms and conditions you were sent about refund policy/cancellations etc.
  • Document everything; emails, calls, messages
  • Contact a local councillor who may be able to help
  • If all else fails, contact your local press or blog about your experience
We hope you have found these tips useful. Have you got anything to add? Or maybe you have an experience (positive or negative) you would like to share?…

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