Here’s How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur and Stay at Home Parent

Working MotherBeing a successful work-from-home entrepreneur or freelancer, while also being a stay at home parent, is far from easy. Timing can be a major issue, and there’s no way of knowing with certainty when your child will need your attention.

Nonetheless, being a stay at home parent lends itself perfectly to being a home-based entrepreneur for many different reasons. It is by far the most flexible working arrangement you could enjoy, and allows you to be there for your child almost constantly during the day, in case any emergency might arise.

In addition to that, working from home also adds some much needed balance to the life of a stay at home parent. A combination of yin and yang, where family time and nurturing are counterbalanced by professional engagements which offer a great outlet for ambition and competitive drive.

It also allows you to keep earning while still being able to pay attention to your child.

Here are some tips for making the entrepreneur-parent combination work for you.

Use daily chores as an excuse to take your child out

Whether related specifically to your work, or whether just the normal requirements of everyday living, you’ll always find yourself with certain chores that need to be attended to during the working week.

As the primary carer for your child during the daily hours, finding ways to bring your child along with you on those chore outings is all but essential. It also allows your child to enjoy a variety of new sights and sounds, and regular outings, which will likely have a positive impact on their development.

Where possible, see about arranging to meet business contacts in informal settings where your child can be present. For the more formal meetings, see about leaving your child with relatives or making other arrangements for a few hours. Of course, take them with you whenever you’re doing more mundane chores such as grocery shopping.

Be sure that you’re properly equipped so that these outings are comfortable for your child. Spend some money on footmuffs for pushchairs so they can stay warm in chilly weather, and pack the appropriate food, toys, and nappies in a carrier bag.

Take advantage of your available working hours meticulously

Being a stay at home parent while also being an entrepreneur means one thing perhaps above all others; it means you have to become comfortable with irregular working hours, and capitalise on the time that’s available to you like your life depended on it.

Take advantage of every spare moment during the working day.

This could mean waking up a couple of hours early and getting some quality work done while your partner takes care of your child before work. It can also mean staying up an hour or two later in the evening to get your work done, and using naptimes as a work-spring period.

Outsource or delegate the busywork

As your time will be extremely valuable, spend it only on the most essential tasks. The things which you, and only you, can do.

For busywork tasks such as updating spreadsheets, emptying your email inbox, or managing your calendar, outsource or delegate as much as possible. Consider using a digital assistant or remote colleague for anything that isn’t skill-specific to you.

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