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Stella and Dot, an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, is a San Francisco based social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Their boutique-style jewellery and accessories line are available exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online.

Stella and Dot was founded in 2003 by Jessica Herrin who devoted nights and weekends to designing jewellery.

Stella & Dot Products
Jewellery, bags and gifts.

Business Opportunity
Become and earn 25-35% sales commission. Join for £169.

How to sell Stella & Dot Products

  • Trunk shows (home parties)
  • Events such as coffee mornings and fetes
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Basket of brochures/products to local businesses

What Stella & Dot Stylists say
“The reason I joined Stella & Dot is because I was told I could fit it round my family and my wig business. I’m only able to work on the business about 5 hours a week, sometimes more. I wear the samples that I’ve earned through having jewellery parties and that’s how I get people interested, the jewellery basically sells itself, the design is very unusual and many of the pieces can be worn multiple ways, so it’s a great selling point! I’m part of an amazing team and we have meetings a couple of times a month for training and social. If you love jewellery like I do , this could be the perfect business for you!” – Denise, London

“I’m a mum to three adorable kids and have looked after them since they were born. When the opportunity to become a Stella & Dot Stylist was presented to me, I immediately thought it could be a great way to try something new.

This business was created for ordinary, busy women who dream big! I faced my fears and decided to become a Stella & Dot Stylist. This job has pushed me out of my comfort zone , to try something completely different, after spending years looking after my kids. It has helped me build a network and new relationships. I have gained confidence!!

I love my S&D business and all the fun, friendship and jewels which are great perks of the job. It’s flexible and rewarding, that’s why it can attract both professional and full time mums. You choose the hours, you pick the jewellery and you call the shots!! Who wouldn’t love to join this fantastic company and earn up to a six figure salary while having fun?”– Viviana,


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Usborne is the biggest and most successful independent children’s book publisher in the UK. In February 2014, Usborne was named Independent Publisher of the Year and Independent Children’s Publisher of the Year in the Independent Publishers Guild awards

Founded by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne books are conceived and created by editor/writers and designers in our offices in London, England, and illustrated by artists worldwide.

Usborne Products

A wide range of all type of books for babies up to young adults.

Business Opportunity
Join as an Usborne Books Organiser.

You can earn up to 24% commission on everything you sell and your income increases as your business grows.

How to sell Usborne Books

  • Catalogue delivery in your local area
  • Home parties (Party plan)
  • Events such as coffee mornings and fetes
  • Books for schools events
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Basket of brochures products to local businesses

Usborne Success Stories

What Usborne Organiser’s say

“I am an Independent Usborne Organiser and I love the opportunities it is offering myself and my family. I am able to be around whenever my children need me while also building a successful business. I love the fact my children have a growing library as well as aiding their education from having access to hundreds of fantastic books. The training and support that is on offer is invaluable and you get recognised for the effort you put in. I absolutely love my job!” – Leah, Devon

“I Absolutely love Usborne books, this business has changed my life, it enables me to spend more time with my family, and watching my Granddaughters grow up and do things as a family. With this business I was able to give up my full time job. I’m an independent usborne organiser I have been doing this business for nearly 5years I was introduced to this business by my mentor and now a great friend Sally Ann Colledge who is my rock and introduced me to the best published children’s books. I get more and more excited at what I can offer my family and friends, I just love the products that we sell, this business has given me more time on my hands as well as a regular income. This is the most rewarding business as there are know targets set but lots of rewarding incentives, ie Bonuses, Holidays. But the most rewarding thing is the excitement when you put that smile on a child’s face when you put a book in to their hand.” – Jill, Eastham Wirral

“I love being an Usborne independent organiser because it means I can make a difference by matching up children and books, making access to good quality books easier for schools and playgroups and besides that it offers the ultimate in flexibility – i can work when I want, as much or as little as I want, and I can take time out without being penalised.” – Katy, Cambridgeshire

Usborne Books jobs on Work for Mums or view more direct sales companies

New figures released today have revealed nearly 900,000 people attended one of 127,000 direct selling parties in 2013. These parties, where products are demonstrated in a fun and relaxed environment are seeing a major surge in popularity according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade body for the industry.

Parties now account for 35% of total direct selling revenue in the UK, growing over 150% since 2009, when this kind of selling accounted for just 14% of all direct selling.

Direct selling is where goods are sold direct to consumers outside of a fixed shop. Direct selling parties allow sellers to showcase their products, from kitchen equipment and home accessories to clothes and jewellery in front of groups of people in a social setting.

Lynda Mills, director of the Direct Selling Association says: “Direct selling has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and it’s very positive to see so many more people joining the party. Parties provide a new way for people to try products, socialise and buy, and are becoming increasingly more mainstream.

“We’re seeing more and more companies entering the party market – whether it’s existing companies like Amway who have added party selling to their offering, or new entrants like Stella and Dot, which offer a new experience.”

The direct selling industry has seen a significant rise over recent years, with more people turning to work in the sector as an alternative to traditional employment, and more people buying this way as an alternative to the high street or buying online.

Direct selling allows anyone, regardless of age, background or prior experience to set up and run their own business. It is a flexible option with minimal outlay allowing people to work the hours they choose with no dependency on the traditional jobs market.

The Direct Selling Association is the trade body for the industry, responsible for promoting the sector and regulating member companies. All figures are based on the DSA’s survey of its 60 member companies including Avon, Pampered Chef, Neal’s Yard Organics and Amway.

There has been a 20% annual increase in number of working mums in the Direct Selling industry

New figures released by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) have revealed that over 120,000 mothers in the UK are now generating an income via direct selling. Of the 400,000 direct sellers in the UK, 30% are working mothers.  This represents a rise of over 20,000 more working mums in the industry compared to the previous year – a 20% increase.

The industry has experienced a significant widening during recent years including a 29% rise in under-25 year olds. However these new figures reveal that direct selling’s traditional demographic, working mums, are now increasingly being attracted to direct selling to generate an income, reducing the need for childcare costs, which is often cited among the chief reasons why both parents do not go back to work.

The Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade body that represents direct selling companies including Avon, Amway and Forever Living surveyed its 60 member companies, and discovered that working mums are turning to direct selling as an alternative to traditional employment. Women as a whole make up on average 76% of UK direct sellers.

Female unemployment as a whole has risen more than male joblessness since the recession, reflecting the increasing number of women struggling to find jobs. New figures show 14% of women returning to work after maternity leave find their jobs under threat, mothers are facing an increasingly difficult position in traditional employment. Flexible and part time working options are often not available, and returning mothers are often under employed in positions they are over qualified for.

The cost of childcare meanwhile is rising with the minimum necessary cost for raising a child rising 4% in 2013, according to the Child Poverty Action Group.

Lynda Mills, Director of the Direct Selling Association said: “Parents are often faced with an impossible choice – return to work, often under difficult conditions and face astronomical childcare costs, or stay at home resulting in no income. Direct selling however is offering many women the opportunity to work around their commitments – giving them the flexibility to work as and when they choose, while still looking after their children.”

Direct selling allows anyone, regardless of age, background or prior experience to set up and run their own business. It is a flexible option with minimal outlay allowing people to work the hours they choose with no dependency on the traditional jobs market. The flexibility makes it particularly appealing to parents who can look after their children while working.

Lynda Mills says: “With women under increased pressure from the traditional jobs market and increasing childcare costs, direct selling is a practical solution that means women can run and develop their own micro-business on their terms.”

Direct selling is the UK’s largest provider of part-time independent work. Data from the Direct Selling Association also shows that revenue generated by its member companies have grown 7% from £1.5 billion to £1.6 billion in the last year.

The Direct Selling Association is the trade body for the industry, responsible for promoting the sector and regulating member companies. All DSA member companies sign its Code of Conduct – an independently administered set of guidelines that ensures that direct sellers and customers can be safe in the knowledge that any member company will uphold the integrity of the industry.

Image credit: DSA member Usborne Books

Are you feeling the pinch in the run up to Christmas?

As the purse strings tighten in the run up to the big day, things can get pretty tight for working mums. However, help is at hand with direct selling – a great way to set up your own business, boost your income and sell products you love.

Direct selling is any form of selling outside a fixed retail environment.  With over 400,000 direct sellers in the UK, this thriving industry is worth in excess of £2 billion to the UK economy. Very simply it works like this – you choose a direct selling company (think Avon, Pampered Chef or Barefoot Books), sign up and can begin selling their products to your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours. You then get paid a percentage of the value of the sales you make.

Direct selling is incredibly flexible and you can work as many hours, when and where you choose, to fit around your own life and commitments. Starting your own business is simple and cheap – usually no more than £100 for a starter kit. When you start direct selling you are effectively running your own business, so it’s very much a case of what you put in you get back out, as well as giving you a level of flexibility that standard 9 – 5 jobs often just can’t offer.

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) was established in 1965 and is the recognised trade body for direct selling companies in the UK. So, what are you waiting for?  Read the DSA’s top tips for getting into direct selling and experience the flexible, friendly and fun world of direct selling for yourself this Christmas.

Top tips for getting into direct selling:

  • Pick a product that you will enjoy selling – there are products to suit every working mum. Your passion will shine through if you love a product and will make it much easier to sell.
  • All DSA members sign its code of conduct which ensures members are ethical, so if you are thinking of getting started in direct selling always look for a member company. The DSA website has a full list so is a good place to get started:
  • Direct selling is based principally on face-to-face contact with customers; therefore you must be a people person! People are your greatest asset, so always show respect and be ready to offer your help to whoever needs it.
  • Expect that not everyone will says yes – you will often hear the word ‘no’, but this does not mean failure.  Think of it as another reason to move onto the next ‘yes’. Your persistence will pay off.
  • One of the main attractions of direct selling is the flexibility it provides, 82% of sellers work part time, but it is entirely up to you. Your working pattern can be just a few hours a week or, for some, a full time occupation.  Choose the hours that suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Be proud of your achievements, and the fact you have joined a strong community of 120,000 working mums who have become direct sellers through the DSA.

Author – Lynda Mills, Director, The Direct Selling Association

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Sector appealing to broader demographics with rise in over 50s and non-British direct sellers.

The direct selling industry is booming in the UK with over 4.8 million direct sales transitions in 2013, netting over £2bn for the UK economy. New figures released today from the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade body that represents direct selling companies in the UK also reveal the sector is appealing to increasingly broad demographic groups, and more people are direct selling ‘full-time’.

Direct selling is where goods are sold direct to consumers outside of a fixed retail shop. The DSA surveyed its 60 member companies including Avon, Kleeneze and Herbalife and discovered that on average 38% of direct sellers are over 50, representing a rise over 32,000 people since 2011. There are now 152,000 over 50 year old direct sellers in the UK, who are frequently attracted by the flexibility and social aspects of direct selling.

Direct selling is also increasingly appealing to a multi-cultural audience. For the first time the DSA surveyed its members about this and discovered 30% of direct sellers (120,000 people) in the UK are non-British.  DSA member companies attribute this to a rise in interest of people from places like Asia and Eastern Europe, where direct selling has an even larger presence.

People are turning to direct selling as a real alternative to traditional employment, with 68,000 direct sellers (17%) working full time hours (over 30 hours a week).  This is up 20,000 from 12% in 2011. The traditional direct selling demographic of stay-at-home mums now accounts for 29% of direct sellers, while men account for 24% of the sector.

Lynda Mills, director of the Direct Selling Association said: “We’re seeing a broader audience involved in direct selling than ever before. These figures represent a move away from the traditional perception of direct selling as a part time job for mums – this is a vibrant, modern industry that appeals to a wide cross section of people of all ages and backgrounds, and offers a real alternative to traditional employment for many.

“Direct selling really has entered the mainstream, thanks in part to the solid community including more and more over 50s and different cultural groups.  It’s an attractive alternative to traditional full time work, letting people work how and when they choose, and build their own businesses.”

Direct selling lets anyone start their own business and begin selling products directly to their friends, family, neighbours and wider contacts. It’s completely flexible; with direct sellers able to pick the hours they work to suit their own lifestyle and commitments.  The Direct Selling Association is the trade body for the industry, responsible for promoting the sector and regulating member companies.


If you are a direct seller, it’s likely that you will want to attend events so that you can sell your wares, network with other stallholders, promote your business and recruit team members.

It’s really important that you don’t over invest in events as some can be incredibly expensive for little or no return. As a general rule events can cost anywhere from £5 per table to £25 but with large events expect to pay over £100!

We’ve come up with a list of things to consider when booking events for your direct sales business.

Event Booking Tips

  • Ask about footfall; how many visitors are anticipated, how many came to the event last time
  • Find out where the event is being advertised
  • Are there any stall offering the same or similar goods/services as you; if so how many (ask for details)
  • Always ask for terms and conditions
  • Ensure you get a receipt for your booking fee
  • If you do not get any booking instructions at least 4 weeks prior to the event, chase it up
  • If your email address is also sent to other recipients, ensure the organisers are aware this breaches data protection and confidentiality
  • Get instructions about arrangements such as parking, whether there are chairs/tables provided, are the pitches covered, are there access to refreshments etc.
  • Check if and what type of insurance is required
  • Use Google search to see if anyone has had problems with the event organisers, made a complaint or shared a negative experience


Occasionally there may be issues whereby the event is cancelled or you need to cancel for whatever reason, here are some guidelines on what to do.

  • Check the terms and conditions you were sent about refund policy/cancellations etc.
  • Document everything; emails, calls, messages
  • Contact a local councillor who may be able to help
  • If all else fails, contact your local press or blog about your experience
We hope you have found these tips useful. Have you got anything to add? Or maybe you have an experience (positive or negative) you would like to share?…

Untitled design (91)If you are running a direct selling/party plan business then registering with is an absolute must! The site is a online networking community which is free to register on.  Once registered you can create your profile and join some of the direct selling groups, comment in the forums and chat to other users.  There are also lots of opportunities to advertise your own business which are very reasonably priced.  To get started please visit:

Paula GilesYour Name
Paula AKA The Party Plan Guru

Company name and nature of business:
The Party Plan Guru Expert in all things party plan, supporting and helping the party planners of the here and now, as well as providing business tips and advice to allow Party Planners to increase their business.

When did you start your business?
April 2011

What type of jobs did you have before you started your business?
Hotel Manager, Consultant for Vie at Home, Avon, Ann Summers and Cold Calling Selling.

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