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Untitled designSet your part-time business on the track for success with these 7 essentials no home office should be without.

From cloud storage solutions to old school tips and tricks for serious business expansion, find out how you can give your self-made brand a real business boost with more great ideas.

Get Connected

The cornerstone of any successful home business, a reliable internet connection means everything. Invest in a high performance broadband line wherever you are, ensuring reliable access to high-speed media and essential connectivity to online coms.

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Working Mum GuiltIt’s a given that as parent we feel an enormous amount of guilt. Are we doing a good enough job? Will our child ever forget we missed a sports day? Are we too strict, or too laid back?

But what about work?

We feel guilty about going out to work, we feel guilty when we stay at home; but what about when we do both?

There are numerous studies and articles written about the benefits (and pitfalls – just to make us feel extra guilty about our life choices) of being a stay at home mum or a working mum, but when you’re a mum working from home, you are both of these things. Does this mean double the guilt? We’re not quite a working mum in the respect that we leave the house in the morning and return later in the day, but then we’re not quite a stay at home mum either because we’re often having to work when the children are around.

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Untitled designGuest post – Sandra Swan Coaching

I’ve enjoyed building a successful business from home whilst being a wife, and Mum to two boys aged six and seven. It’s meant that I’ve been able to offer flexibility to my clients, and be there for my family when they need me.

I wanted to share the things I’ve done to achieve a great work/life balance so that if you’re struggling, you might find these tips help:

1) Set clear boundaries for myself
Deciding what hours I work on my business is one of the benefits of being my own boss. If you’re an early morning person you might like to start at 7am and finish by 3pm for instance.

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Untitled designFor many parents, working from home is an ideal choice as you can have flexibility with your working hours, don’t have to worry about holiday childcare arrangements and of course save lots of money on renting office space.

There are many options for working from home, here are just a few ideas.

Home Working Options

  • Make Things To Sell – if you love crafting items such as jewellery, cushions, clothes, bags and other gifts and keepsakes, set up an online shop on a blog or Facebook and sell the items you have made.  There are many websites which enable you to sell your wares for free.

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Untitled designIt can be a real challenge to get things done when you run your business from home.  You often find that you flit from one task to another (quick blog here, put on a wash load, check e-mail, vacuum the lounge etc.) and not really feeling like you have achieved very much.  To achieve more (and save your sanity)  it is really important to manage your time effectively.  Getting to the end of the day and realising you have half a dozen tasks either incomplete or half done is very frustrating.

Managing Your Time When You Work From Home

  • Make lists. If you have an iPhone or iTouch there is a great app called ‘Evernote’ which is free. You can seperate your home and work tasks and tick them off as you go.  Alternatively get your notepad out and get writing; then keep it somewhere you can see it often to keep a handle on your objectives

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Untitled designWhen you work from home it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.  WFM Guest Article written by Christine Jolley has some excellent tips to help you to keep motivated in your business.

1. Remind Yourself Why You Started Your Own Business For Yourself In The First Place

The honeymoon phase does end when you start your own business and when that does happen it helps to remind yourself why you took the big plunge in the first place.  What made you fall in love with your company or your business?  Make a list; look at those first launch pictures for your business or do anything to remind you why you joined to rekindle the ‘romance’ and excitement again.

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Working From HomeWorking from home is a dream shared by many – the thought of that extra time in bed, no road rage, no waiting for the bus – it’s easy to see why it’s a tempting prospect for parents. 

With the growth of the Internet and increasing use of mobile devices it is becoming easier to work from home. However, t’s not always everything it’s cracked up to be – whilst you might at first love the idea of extra time with your family, it can be hard to concentrate and achieve what you need to with children around.

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Untitled designWhen I made the big decision to leave my job and become self-employed I was very nervous about the benefits I was going to miss out on by not being employed any more.

My biggest concern was the lack of social interaction and being part of a team.  With a background in Hotel Management and then Human Resources and Training, I was always part of a big team and I knew this would be the one thing I would miss the most.  I needn’t have worried!

My training business means I meet people but they tend to be individuals that I train over a period of a day or longer and I may never see them again.  However in my Direct Sales role I am part of a big team of Consultants throughout the UK. 

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Untitled designIf you run your own business, the school holidays can mean you have a challenge on your hands. Are you ready to face the challenge?

The key to managing the summer holidays is all in the planning. It may sound a bit tedious, but it is important to have a plan of action to ensure that you continue to work consistently (albeit with reduced hours), spend quality time with your children and above all, keep your sanity. Before you start filling your diary with lots of pursuits let’s look at some of the key factors.

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