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Working Woman

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The growing frequency of mumpreneurs up and down the country has been nothing short of staggering in recent years. Thousands of women are now juggling parenthood with their careers by using this approach.

Moreover, it’s something you’ve probably considered at one stage or another too. Before jumping in at the deep end, however, you need reassurances that this is the right solution.

Being a mumpreneur isn’t easy, and requires a lot of hard graft. Nonetheless, there are many rewards to be gained, which is why so many women have followed this pathway. Is it time for you to do the same? Find out here.

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Untitled design (10)Working with someone who doesn’t pull their weight at the office can create stress. You may be stuck putting in extra hours to cover for them. Even if you go home on time, you may feel resentful watching them text their friends and shop online while you’re toiling away.

Whether you’re a coworker or a manager, you can start a constructive conversation to discourage slacking. Consider these tips for holding onto your peace of mind while promoting greater efficiency and teamwork.

How to Deal with Slackers When You’re a Coworker

  1. Focus on productivity. Start out by putting your emotions aside and figuring out whether your colleague’s behavior really affects your ability to do your job. Otherwise, it’s probably not worthwhile to pursue the issue.

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Untitled design (8)Going through your workdays with a sense of disappointment is tough. At the beginning of your career, you probably felt like you were on track. Now, you wonder how you missed the signs that the career you chose wasn’t for you.

If your current career is unrewarding, it doesn’t have to be the one you stay in for the rest of your life.

You can break away from where you are today and move on to something more fulfilling. It will take effort, but you’re more than capable of doing it.

Follow these steps to start heading in the direction of a new career:

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Untitled design (3)If you’re like many of us, your work and social life overlap. Soon after you accept a new job offer, you realise the transition is going to affect your personal relationships as well as your professional activities. Consider these steps to take before and after you start your new gig to help you maintain old ties, and build new friendships.

Steps to Take Before You Change Jobs

  1. Hang out outside of work. There’s more to you than your professional interests. Invite interesting colleagues to go out shopping or hiking. Meet people from other walks of life.

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Untitled design (55)We often hear that success is the result of hard work. Hard work does pay off, but not everyone has the right work ethic to put in a full day of work. It’s common to daydream, avoid work, and procrastinate. A strong work ethic is both useful and admired. Many of the most successful people in the world are known for having an unrelenting work ethic.

Try these tips for strengthening your work ethic and making progress:

  1. Avoid time-wasters. Television, Facebook, text messaging, email, and the internet are good ways to waste a lot of time. Having a strong work ethic requires focusing on work. If you’re wasting time, you’re not working. Regularly ask yourself if you’re spending time on the right things.

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Untitled designWhether you’re a student trying to work or a full-time employee trying to advance your education, juggling work and school is a significant challenge. It’s possible to excel as a student and an employee with the right strategy. If a lack of time is keeping you from doing both, take a moment to reconsider.

Try these techniques to manage both school and work:

  1. Create a compelling future. You’re taking on a big challenge. Consider why you’re doing it. Keep that big picture in mind when the going gets tough. When you find your enthusiasm starting to wane, come back to your vision for the future and recharge your resolve.

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Untitled designGuest post – Sandra Swan Coaching

I’ve enjoyed building a successful business from home whilst being a wife, and Mum to two boys aged six and seven. It’s meant that I’ve been able to offer flexibility to my clients, and be there for my family when they need me.

I wanted to share the things I’ve done to achieve a great work/life balance so that if you’re struggling, you might find these tips help:

1) Set clear boundaries for myself
Deciding what hours I work on my business is one of the benefits of being my own boss. If you’re an early morning person you might like to start at 7am and finish by 3pm for instance.

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Untitled designGuest post from Sandra at

The eighties saw a surge in the view that success meant being superhuman. Being and doing everything, because we wanted to do, and have everything.

What has the cost been? In my work with midlife professionals and small business owners I’ve noticed the majority feel like they’re on a hamster wheel they can’t get off, and work/life balance is about as likely as winning the lottery.

Yes, we know we can pull out the cape every now and again. But should busy be the new yardstick for success?

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Untitled design (38)Guest post by Tessa Armstrong.

Imagine a career that combines your skills and interests and provides you with a work-life balance…

As a working mum, you value the time you spend with your children.  You want to watch them grow, attend their school plays and relax with them at home.  However, you also want a fulfilling career path. You want an interesting job that makes you feel motivated and happy.

You may also want time to pursue your own interests and hobbies as well as spend time with friends and family.  There is a lot to juggle.

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Untitled design (75)As a working mother, you have your hands full. Between your career and raising your children, life can be pretty hectic. Being a mum who works and has a family to care for makes you an employee both in the office and in your home, and, as you already know, motherhood is a 24-hour job that requires plenty of overtime and allows for minimal time off. Maintaining your professional existence, family life, and sanity can put a lot of pressure on career-oriented mums.

For many mums, working a typical 9 to 5 or 8-hour day can be draining, even if you have a nanny or your children are in daycare or school. Because your day doesn’t end when you shut down your computer or clock out of the office, mums who work outside of the home experience more stress than their male counterparts.

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