Ten Tips to Motivate Yourself when you Work From Home

Untitled designWhen you work from home it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.  WFM Guest Article written by Christine Jolley has some excellent tips to help you to keep motivated in your business.

1. Remind Yourself Why You Started Your Own Business For Yourself In The First Place

The honeymoon phase does end when you start your own business and when that does happen it helps to remind yourself why you took the big plunge in the first place.  What made you fall in love with your company or your business?  Make a list; look at those first launch pictures for your business or do anything to remind you why you joined to rekindle the ‘romance’ and excitement again.

2. Space Can Be A Good Thing

If you’re frustrated and just not feeling it right now with your business, give it space.  Go get a massage, exercise, make a cup of tea, go for a walk, take a bubble bath or do anything that will help nourish YOU again.  When you’re feeling happy and calm and relaxed; then start again.   Giving your business that ‘space’ will do wonders for your motivation, productivity and mental health.  Don’t work on your business when you aren’t feeling good.

3. Just Show Up

Sometimes the motivation doesn’t come until you’re already doing it.  Even if you don’t feel like it, show up and go through the motions.  Chances are that enthusiasm will be following closely round the corner.

4. Set Goals

Set mini and long-term goals for yourself and treat yourself when you reach them.  If you have something to look forward to that you REALLY want, it will help light that ole fire again.

5. Create Daily To-Do Lists

If you’re not feeling motivated having the strict routine of a schedule can seem overwhelming.  Start slow and create a to-do list.  Make the list small initially and have a ‘if time’ list as well.  Your main list is a must do and the ‘if time’ list is just bonus points if you get to them.  Stick to the list and don’t allow yourself to get distracted.  Be sure to do something towards your goal list every day if you can and always include down time for yourself.

6. Read Success Stories

Read inspiring books of people who have conquered the unimaginable, make friends with the people who have really done well in your company and ask them how they did it or even watch inspirational videos on YouTube.  We often think that we’re the only ones who are struggling at times but you may have no idea what journey the person sitting next to you has been through to get where they’re at.

7. Embrace Your Feelings

There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs when you have your own business.  It’s easy to embrace the good times but how we deal with the bad times is what defines us.  Embrace the failures and all the crappy horrible feelings that usually come with it.    Is the vision for your life and the desire to achieve this greater than any difficult feelings you may have to deal with?  Sure it’s hard to face our own self-doubts and our own fears but embrace it and don’t let all the icky feelings stop you.  Don’t let anything stop you and that includes yourself.

8. Look For Ways To Simplify

Are you making things harder than they could be?  Always look for ways to simplify the processes you do.  We can get bogged down and lose our motivation when we are always treading against the water.  Simplicity always is best and will always thrive especially when times are tough.

9. Help Someone Else

Even if you are feeling unmotivated, take the time to inspire or help someone else.  Do something amazing for your team to get them fired up and going.  If you don’t have a team it can even be a random act of kindness for a stranger like buying a sandwich for someone whose homeless or buying some extra canned goods to leave in your apartment building for your neighbours or even smile at someone who walks past.  When you give you receive far more in return.

10. If You Think It, It Will Come

Change your thoughts; your body, your business and your life will follow.  Be aware of negativity.   If your struggling to be positive, tape positive affirmations like ‘I am motivated in my business’, ‘I am a money magnet’, ‘Party bookings come easily’ or others you like on your mirrors and around your house.  Try a vision board for your business.  Go through magazines and put collages of pictures of things you envision your business to be.  If you train your brain to believe these thoughts, it will change everything.

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