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Last updated January 2016


This web site is owned and operated by Work For Mums and is made available to you on the following terms and conditions. By using the site and the services available on it you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions which expressly apply to services and information provided by third parties.

1.1 Data protection

Personal information supplied by our advertisers and job seekers, including Curriculum Vitae’s (“CV’s”),  is governed by our privacy policy

1.2 Use of the site

The information and services available on the site are provided for the sole purpose of individuals looking for employment opportunities and career information (the “job-seeker”) and for employers seeking to recruit staff (the “recruiter”). You may use, print and download information from the site for these purposes only and for no other personal or commercial purpose. You may not otherwise copy, display, transmit or distribute any material from the site.

All copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights in the site and the material available on the site belongs to Work For Mums or its third party suppliers. Use of the site does not give you any proprietary rights in such materials.

1.3 Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003

Job-seekers and recruiters are advised that Work For Mums ‘Jobs and Opportunities’ operates as an advertising platform only and does not introduce or supply job-seekers to recruiters (or vice versa). This means that we do not:

  • obtain sufficient information for potential recruiters to select a suitable job-seeker for the position which the recruiter seeks to fill*;
  • obtain confirmation of the identity of a job-seeker or that they have the experience, training, qualifications or authorisation to work in the position to be filled or that they wish to undertake the role to be filled;
  • take any steps to ensure the job-seeker and recruiter are each aware of any requirement imposed by law or otherwise which must be satisfied by either of them to permit the work-seeker to fulfil the position to be filled;
  • take any steps to ensure that it would not be detrimental to the interests of the job-seeker or the recruiter for the job-seeker to fulfil the position to be fulfilled;
  • give any indication to recruiters whether job-seekers are unsuitable (or suitable) for any position to be filled in any circumstances;
  • propose job-seekers to recruiters or provide any information about them.
  • take up any references in relation to a job-seeker; or
  • make any arrangements for accommodation of job-seekers.
  • The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 (the “Regulations”) seek to ensure that job-seekers are only proposed by employment agencies for roles for which they are properly qualified and that recruiters are only offered job-seekers who have the appropriate levels of experience, training, qualifications and authorisation for the position to be filled. Since we are only an advertising platform and do not propose or introduce job-seekers to recruiters or vice versa, it is recommended that, if you are a job-seeker you undertake the steps set out in the Regulations to ensure your suitability for the role advertised or, if you are a recruiter, to ensure a job-seeker’s suitability for the role.

These could include:

If you are a job-seeker; checking the identity of the recruiter and the nature of its business, the commencement date and duration of the position, the position to be filled including type of work, location, hours and risks to health and safety, experience, training, qualifications and authorisation which the recruiter considers necessary or are required by law or otherwise to undertake the position, whether any expenses are payable by you as a job-seeker or whether there are any requirements imposed by law or otherwise for you to satisfy before taking up a position.
If you are a recruiter; checking the identity of the job-seeker and that the job-seeker has the experience, training, qualifications and authorisation required by law or otherwise for the position and whether there are any requirements imposed by law or otherwise for you, as the recruiter, to meet to enable a job-seeker to take up a position.

In addition, where professional qualifications are required or where work-seekers are to work with vulnerable persons or children, you should obtain copies of the relevant qualifications or authorisation, obtain at least two references from people who are not relatives of the job-seeker and undertake a criminal records bureau check of the job-seeker. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks; formerly Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check

Any searching or screening tools provided by us for use in your assessment of the suitability or otherwise of any particular candidate or advertised vacancy are to assist you in taking these steps, but are not intended as a substitute.

*exception for corporate advertising packages where recruiters are given access to browse job-seekers CV’s


2.1 CV’s and Job Advertisements
CV’s and job advertisements contained on the site are provided by job-seekers and by prospective employers and their agents and are not reviewed by us. We accept no responsibility or liability for the contents of CV’s or advertisements and expect candidates and prospective employers to carry out such verification procedures as are customary and prudent in the circumstances.

2.2 Work For Mums services
Services and information provided on the site by us and our third party suppliers are intended to assist in the job seeking or recruitment process. Neither we nor our third party suppliers can guarantee their suitability or prospects of success in any particular case. You should obtain independent verification before relying on information provided on the site in circumstances which may result in loss or damage.  Please be aware that some of the advertisements on the website may be for affiliate providers and services and Work For Mums may receive payments or commissions for any resulting sales.

2.3 Service availability
We try to ensure continuous availability of the site and all the services available on it but accept no responsibility for the consequences of interruptions or delays, however caused. We may, additionally, alter the design and specification of the site at any time.

2.4 Limitation of liability
Our liability, and the liability of our third party suppliers, for any loss or damage suffered by you as the result of your use of this site is limited to your actual direct damages and, except in the case of fraud, excludes any loss of future earnings, profit or prospects or any consequential or speculative loss. As required by law, this exclusion does not extend to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

2.5 Governing law
These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and all disputes shall be decided by the English courts.



In these terms and conditions:

a. ‘Customer’ means any person, company, organisation or firm which purchases Services from us;

b. ‘Advertisement Form’ means an order for Services on a form provided by us (in any format) as agreed by the Customer upon placing an advertisement;

c. ‘Services’ means all recruitment products and services made available by us;

d. ‘Advert Duration’ means, in respect of any Advertisement Form relating to the provision of Services for a specified period of days, the calendar month commencing on the start date specified in the Advertisement Form and ending on the 30th day. For example, the calendar month commencing on 4 January and ending 2 February;

e. ‘Advert Duration’ means the full term specified in the Advertisement Form.

f. We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time. We will aim to give you reasonable notice in advance of implementing such changes by posting the revised terms and conditions on the website and indicating the effective date that such updated terms and conditions will come into force (“Effective Date”). Where we deem the changes as significant we may also choose to email our registered users with the revised terms and conditions. The revised terms and conditions will be deemed to have been accepted by you if you continue to use the website and our services after the Effective Date.

3.1 Commencement of Services
We will not commence the provision of Services pursuant to any Advertisement Form until the Advertisement Form has been returned to us, in a form approved by us and confirmed by the Customer by way payment being made. Services will not commence until payment is received and cleared.

3.2 Prices
Prices are as specified in the Work For Mums media pack and are guaranteed for the period stated on the order form. Any discounts agreed are confidential and may not be disclosed by the customer.

Where a Customer posts an advertisement on Work For Mums which includes any reference to a brand of a client or a subsidiary of the Customer (which reference may include, without limitation, such client’s or subsidiary’s logo, http address, email address and telephone number) (“Client Branded Advertising”), and the posting of such Client Branded Advertising has not been agreed by us in the Advertisement Form or other contract agreed with such Customer, charges for the advertisement will be as per the relevant rate card and charged to the Customer for each job posted on Work For Mums Ltd which includes a non-agreed piece of Client Branded Advertising.

A job posted on Work For Mums will remain live for 30 days or such longer duration as selected by the Customer. Any jobs posted in addition to the agreed number of jobs per month will be charged at a price per job agreed with the customer at the time of the contract negotiation.  If a customer deletes a job and then either reposts it or posts another, this will be classed as two jobs.

If any Services to be used within any time period specified on the Advertisement Form are not used within that period of time they may not be carried over into any subsequent period without our prior written consent. The Customer will be responsible for payment for any unused Services.

3.3 Payments and Recurring Payments
Work For Mums is not currently VAT registered.  The Customer is required to make payment before their advert goes live. Non payment will entitle us to suspend provision of Services.

Advertisers with a monthly recurring advertisement must cancel their PayPal payments to cancel their ads. No refunds will be given.

3.4 Termination
If The Customer wishes to remove or suspend an job advertisement, The Customer is expected to ‘End’ their advertisement by logging into the website and amending the job advertisement in their ‘Dashboard’.  There will be no discount or refunds given for termination of your job on Work For Mums.

Our total liability to the Customer in respect of any Services, except for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, is limited to the total amount paid to us during the Contract Term for such Services or £10,000, whichever is the greater.

3.5 Job Advertising
Job adverts go live after payment confirmation on Work For Mums within 24 hours if an advert is placed Monday – Thursday or 48 hours if an advert is placed Friday – Sunday.

3.6 Site rules
We have rules regarding the content and format of jobs posted on Work For Mums. Their purpose is to ensure that users who search the site or the Work For Mums database get results which are presented as clearly and informatively as possible. You agree that we may, at our discretion and without liability to you, remove from Work For Mums any advertisement which is posted in breach of these rules. The rules may change from time to time and you are advised to refer to them regularly.

The Rules are:

  1. No duplicating of jobs at the expense of other clients’ jobs.
  2. No gratuitous use of keywords in job descriptions or job titles. Gratuitous means deliberately inserting words, strings of words, or repeating job titles, with the intention of influencing position in the results listing, or increasing the number of page views.
  3. Job advertisements placed on Work For Mums must be for genuine vacancies only, and not for other products or services, either relating to or unrelated to recruitment including, but not limited to, affiliate schemes, pyramid selling schemes or any other so called ‘business opportunity’.
  4. Gratuitous use of URLs or email links (live or text only) are not permitted in the body copy of the job description page. Each job advertisement should have no more than 4 URL’s in the Advertising Form Job Description page.
  5. Any advertising that uses the name or logo of the company being recruited for is subject to our rates for such advertising.
  6. Illegal Advertisements

3.7 Direct Selling Opportunities
All direct selling organisations must be registered the Direct Selling Association (DSA). If you are listing a direct selling opportunity please ensure that listing text meets the requirements of the DSA. Please note in particular: Income claims should not imply that earnings are quickly or easily achieved.

Work For Mums do not guarantee exclusivity for any single direct selling organisation, therefore there will be other advertisements on the website from the same organisation.

3.8 Discrimination and Equal Opportunities
Advertisements which appear to discriminate on grounds of sex, race or disability are illegal and may result in proceedings being taken against both the advertiser and the publisher. Advertisements are accepted by Work For Mums on the basis that the advertiser confirms that any requirement or qualification which may appear to discriminate illegally is in compliance with any exemption available under the relevant legislation. Notwithstanding this confirmation, if we nonetheless believe that an advertisement may be discriminatory we may at our discretion either amend the advertisement or remove it from Work For Mums without liability to you to make any refund of amounts paid or due to be paid in respect of the posting or otherwise and will inform you accordingly.

3.9 Responses to advertisements
You agree to deal fairly and professionally with individuals who may respond to an advertisement you have posted and not do anything which may bring Work For Mums into disrepute. You will indemnify us from and against any claim brought by an individual against Work For Mums arising from your breach of this obligation or any other of these terms and conditions.

We do not guarantee any response to your advertisement or that responses will be from individuals suitable for the job advertised. It is your responsibility to carry out such checks and procedures as are necessary to ensure that candidates are suitable for the job advertised and have the required qualifications and personal characteristics.

3.10 Equipment
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment and are connected to the appropriate services to enable you to post jobs to Work For Mums.

3.11 Content and links
If your advertisement links to another site via our external apply online option, you are responsible for maintaining the links and for the content of your advertisement and the linked site. We may remove from Work For Mums any advertisement which contains content or links to a site which, in our opinion, is defamatory, illegal or objectionable or will bring Work For Mums into disrepute. You will indemnify us from and against any claims or liability arising from content or links contained in your advertisements.

3.12 Third party sites
Vacancies you post on Work For Mums may also appear on third party recruitment websites pursuant to agreements from time to time between Work For Mums and the proprietors of such websites.


4.1 Rights in the database
Database rights and all other applicable copyright and intellectual property rights in the candidate database belong to Work For Mums. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any rights in the database or its content and that your retention and use of the database and its content is governed by these terms and conditions.

4.2 Use of the database
The material you are entitled to receive from the job-seeker database is determined by the product you have purchased from us. On receipt of this material you may:

  1. Use, browse or download CV’s using the Browse Resumes field on the dashboard interface and its associated functions for the purpose of finding suitable job-seekers for specific job vacancies that you or (if you are an employment agency or employment business) your client wish to fill.
  2. Use the information about the individuals contained in the database for the purpose of contacting them (either directly or through Work For Mums depending on the product you have purchased) in relation to a specific job vacancy.
  3. Use the information only in connection with your own recruitment-related activities.

You may NOT:

  1. Supply, sell or license material from the job-seeker database, or a copy of it, to any other person, including another member of your group of companies.
  2. Download the database through any automated (e.g. “scraping”) process.
  3. Contact the individuals on the database or make or allow any use of the information about those individuals, other than for the purpose of finding suitable candidates for specific job vacancies. You must, at all times, comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all subsequent legislation and regulations.
  4. Access our job-seekers database from a system that is not fully patched or does not have industry standard AntiVirus software installed that is regularly updated.

4.3 Deletion of database material
You agree to delete all material from the job-seeker database upon its replacement with up-to-date material or the satisfactory conclusion of your search for a suitable job-seeker, whichever occurs first.

4.4 Dealings with job-seekers
You agree to deal fairly and professionally with individuals you may contact using information from the job-seeker database and not do anything which may bring Work For Mums into disrepute. You will indemnify Word For Mums Ltd from and against any claim brought by an individual against Work For Mums arising from your breach of this obligation or any other of these terms and conditions.

4.5 Password
Usernames are for the sole use of the person to whom they are issued. Passwords must be kept confidential and secure. We may deny access to a username if we reasonably believe that it is being used by an unauthorised person or that the user is breaching these terms and conditions. Concurrent usage of a username is not allowed.

4.6 Customer supplied content

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all advertising campaigns (‘Campaigns’) and other material accepted by Work For Mums for display on any of our web sites. By placing any such material you accept these terms and conditions as principal, even if you are acting as agent or buyer for the third party advertiser.
  2. We must receive the complete creative content for a Campaign in acceptable format at least two working days before 9 am on the go-live date specified in your order. Otherwise, we may not be able to achieve the specified go-live date but you must pay the full amount set out in the order irrespective of whether any delivery target for impressions have been met.
  3. To cancel or alter an order for a Campaign you must inform us, by email at the number or address on the order, at least two working days on the go-live date specified in your order. Otherwise you must pay the full amount set out in the order, irrespective of whether any delivery targets for impressions have been met.
  4. You are responsible for the content of material supplied by you and for ensuring that you have the right to supply it to us and that it complies with all relevant legislation and codes of practice. If we receive complaints about any material or its content we may, at our discretion, remove the material from display without reference or liability to you. You will indemnify us against any claim that the material infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of others or is defamatory or otherwise offensive.
  5. If you are an employment agency or an employment business (as defined by the Employment Agencies Act 1973) it is your responsibility to ensure the advertisements you place on Work For Mums comply with the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.
  6. You are also responsible for fulfilling and dealing with any orders or enquiries relating to the goods or services to which a Campaign relates and you will indemnify and hold us harmless accordingly.
  7. Your sole remedy if we, or our third party subcontractors who may host and serve Campaigns from time to time, make an error in displaying any Campaign is the cost of re-running the relevant Campaign. Neither we nor our subcontractors shall be liable in any circumstances for any loss of profit or business. We shall, additionally, have no liability for failure to display the Campaign caused by circumstances outside our control.


5.1 Customer Information

  • You should always check that the contact information you provide is correct before creating a customer account or proceeding to payment.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your own username and password, where required to access your customer account. You should ensure that you store your username and password securely and that the details required to access your customer account are not provided to another party.
  • As a customer you are responsible for your customer account and actions taken within it. If you are aware or suspect that your customer account username and password or other details have become known to a third party, you should inform us immediately.
  • Our website is only intended for use by adults. Adults may purchase products for children as long as the products purchased are intended by the manufacturer for use or consumption by children.

5.2 Privacy

Work For Mums takes your privacy seriously. We are registered under and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. For further details please see our Privacy Policy.

5.3 Product Pricing and Title

  • We make every effort to ensure that the pricing displayed on our website is correct. However, if an error in the pricing of a product is found we reserve the right to either cancel your order or contact you to arrange payment of any extra sum due or refund any over-payment made by you (as applicable). The processing of an order can be cancelled or corrected by us at anytime up to the shipment of that order and any related items.
  • We reserve the right to alter all product pricing without notice.
  • Title in any products ordered from us does not pass to you, the purchaser until we have received and processed a valid payment, and that payment has been made into our own bank account and your order has been shipped.

5.4 Your Order

  • When you place an order you will automatically receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your order. Your order constitutes an offer made to us to purchase the goods specified in the order.
  • Your offer is only accepted by us once we have emailed you to confirm the dispatch of your order.
  • Product items not included within the dispatch email are not included in the order and contract between you and us.
  • We reserve the right to delay or refuse orders where a transaction contains incomplete details or details that cannot be verified or where fraud is suspected.
  • If we are unable to reasonably ascertain these details or resolve these issues a full refund will be made against the card used at the time of purchase. No other form of refund or credit will be offered nor will a refund be made to any third party card or account.

5.5 Shipping and Customs Duty

  • All orders received by us are shipped subject to availability.
  • We reserve the right to ship products at a later date (up to 28 days after purchase) where the product ordered is not in stock at the time of purchase. In this situation you will be contacted and offered a full refund instead of delivery of the product.
  • We cannot be held responsible for disruption to shipping caused by industrial disputes or action outside our direct control. If such disruption occurs you will be offered delivery via an alternative delivery or fulfilment company or a full refund.
  • If you are ordering a product from outside the UK the recipient of the product is responsible for all customs duties or tariffs incurred in the country to which the products are shipped. Furthermore your order may be subject to delay or be opened and searched by local customs authorities when entering the destination country. Please note we are unable to provide specific advice on customs duties or tariffs.

5.6 Cancellation Rights, Returns and Refunds

  • Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 you have a right to cancel your purchase. However, to exercise this right you must notify us in writing, (email or letter) within 14 working days from the day after you receive your goods.
  • As stated above notification of cancellation must be in writing, a telephone call is not a valid cancellation.
  • No right of cancellation, refund or return exists under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 once you have used, unless the product is defective and you are returning it for this reason.
  • Goods that are sealed or shrink-wrapped and this is removed can only be returned if they are defective.
  • No right of cancellation exists for downloaded goods or “softcopy” goods to which you, the customer has instant access to or use of, unless defective.
  • No right of cancellation exists for personalised goods or goods that are intimate in their nature or goods where there may be hygiene issues, unless defective.
  • Please observe the following procedure for all returns to us:

On the back of your delivery note or on another piece of paper, (if you no longer have your delivery note), include your order number and the reason for the return.

  • If you are returning your product because it is defective, please state the defect or defects.
  • Repackage the product in its original packaging, including any accessories, brochures, manuals, guarantees or warranties that came with the product. Unfortunately we will be unable to issue a refund where the product is in an incomplete state.
  • If the original packaging surrounding the product has been damaged or destroyed we will only issue a refund if the product is being returned due to a defect. If the original packaging of a defective product has been damaged or destroyed you should ensure that the returned product is adequately packed for shipment back to us.
  • You are responsible for paying any postage or shipping costs incurred when returning the product.
  • We recommend that all returns be sent by registered post, so that a record of the return is available for you.
  • We will not issue refunds for any items lost or stolen in transit to us.
  • Where a return is lost or stolen in transit to us, you should claim compensation from the company that shipped the return.
  • If you fail to return a product to us, we may make arrangements to have the product collected from you. The cost of this collection will be passed on to you.
  • Unused products may be returned promptly by customers to the address listed below:

Inspo Media Ltd.
Trading as Work For Mums
Lytchett House
13 Freeland Park
Wareham Road
Lytchett Matravers
BH16 6FA

  • Subject to the above, we will refund the purchase price of a returned product within thirty days of receiving written notification of your intention to return the product.
  • We will also refund the cost of standard or recorded postage incurred returning a product, if incorrectly sent by us or where the product has been returned due to a defect. Please note that we will not refund any courier, overnight or express element of any delivery or postage charge, including Royal Mail Special Delivery.

5.7 Customer Complaints

We endeavour to respond to all customer complaints or queries within five working days.

5.8 Faulty Products

Where a Customer experiences a fault with a product it can be returned to Work For Mums Ltd, subject to our returns policy above.

5.9 Events outside our control
Work For Mums shall not be liable for delay or failure to perform any obligation under these Terms & Conditions if the delay or failure is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of god, war, civil disorder or industrial dispute.

6 Licence

6.1 Work For Mums grants you a licence to access the content, information and services contained within our website for personal use only.

6.2 This licence allows you to download and cache (using your browser) individual pages from our website.

6.3 This licence does not allow you to download and modify individual pages or substantial parts of our website nor to make our website available via an intranet, where our website or a substantial part of it is hosted locally on the intranet in question.

6.4 Our website design, layout, content or text cannot be copied, edited or otherwise manipulated without our express prior written permission.

6.5 Our website cannot be placed within the frame-set of another site.

6.6 Third parties are not allowed to “deep link” to pages within our website, without our express prior written permission. All links (unless expressly permitted by us) should be to the main index page of our website. Furthermore, the content of such links, whether graphic or text should not be misleading, false, derogatory or in any other way offensive.

6.7 The restriction on “deep linking” does not apply to affiliate partners who wish to send customers directly to a particular page or product in order to increase their affiliate sales.

7 Copyright

7.1 All content, databases, graphics, buttons, icons, logos, layouts and look & feel are the copyright of Work For Mums, unless expressly acknowledged as otherwise.

7.2 The data mining, extraction or utilisation of product information from our website is not permitted without our express prior written permission.

8 Reasonably Foreseeable Losses

8.1 Work For Mums will be liable for any losses incurred by you due to breaches of these Terms & Conditions by us, where such losses were reasonably foreseeable at the time the contract between you and us was made.

8.2 All business, indirect or consequential losses not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the contract between you and us are excluded.

8.3 Work For Mums does not exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence or breach of duty by us, our employees or officers.

9 Severability

The foregoing paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses of these Terms & Conditions shall be read and construed independently of each other. Should any part of this agreement or its paragraphs, sub-paragraphs or clauses be found invalid it shall not affect the remaining paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses.

10 Waiver

Failure by Work For Mums to enforce any accrued rights under these Terms & Conditions is not to be taken as or deemed to be a waiver of those rights unless we acknowledge the waiver in writing.

11 Entire Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions set out the entire agreement and understanding between you and Work For Mums. We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time, without giving notice to you.

12 Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Your statutory rights are unaffected.

Our contact details are as follows:

Inspo Media Ltd.
Trading as Work For Mums
Lytchett House
13 Freeland Park
Wareham Road
Lytchett Matravers
BH16 6FA

Contact us using our contact form

Company registration number: 8497383

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