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The Benefits of Canvas Tote Bags as Company Marketing Give-Aways

If you are looking for promotional items that are trendy yet functional, you can tap into the demand for products that promote eco-friendly living.

One example is reusable shopping bags made of canvas. If you’ve seen promotional tote bags given away, there is a big chance these are also made using canvas because it is a durable material. There are other excellent reasons why personalised tote bags made of canvas make excellent promotional give-aways for company events.

Canvas is lightweight, yet durable

Flimsy shopping bags are not an excellent idea if you are planning to produce them in bulk as a promotional item. Tote bags need to be able to hold heavy objects, especially when used for grocery or produce shopping. Apart from being strong, the bag needs to be lightweight and easy to store after use. Canvas is an excellent choice of fabric when producing tote bags because it can handle the load while staying lightweight.

Canvas is durable and eco-friendly

Canvas is produced from cotton which is considered as one of the eco-friendliest fabrics available today. Depending on how well the canvas fabric is woven, it can last years of use without showing any signs of wear or tear. As a promotional item, durability is a sought-after characteristic because you wouldn’t want to give customers and employees company swag that will easily rip, and they won’t be able to put to good use.

Another characteristic of canvas is that it is washable and also ideal for printing. Ink transfers well onto canvas fabric, thus making the design pop. Canvas also helps ink resist smudging and rubbing off after washing. Canvas is perfect for showcasing your company’s logo or brand name.

Canvas is affordable

When producing promotional materials, you also need to consider the budget. Fortunately, canvas tote bags are affordable. If you also simplify the design, you can save more on the printing cost. Ordering tote bags in bulk can also mean you get access to discounted prices from the supplier.

Canvas totes are environment-friendly

Cotton is a renewable resource and producing canvas does not hurt the environment. Reusable tote bags also encourage those who use them to minimise single-use plastics every time they go out shopping for groceries or food. Having a reusable canvas tote bag handy is one way to promote eco-friendly living which is excellent for improving the image of the company.

A variety of designs to choose from

If you are planning to order canvas tote bags for your company, there are a variety of designs to choose from. You can customise the size, number of compartments, and add pockets if you like. If you are a bit stretched when it comes to funds, you can stick to simple, yet functional styles in basic colours. On the other hand, if your company has the budget for it, opt for canvas totes with extra space at the bottom to hold more items and to reinforce the bags durability. Other design options include laminating the exterior of the bag to make it moisture-resistant.

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