Time Management Course Review

Time Management Course  from High Speed Training, Review by Heather Tarrant

As a contributor to Work for Mums, Suzannah asked me if I would like to complete an online course and write a review for the WFM website.  I agreed and had a look through the topics available to me and decided on ‘Time Management’ as some of the other courses weren’t relevant to my current job roles, and I already run work-based courses in customer care.  Time Management is an area that I think most of us can improve on and I know my husband would definitely agree that I need to improve (by the way I haven’t told him about this course)!

The course was completed online with a company called High Speed Training who offer a range of courses including Health & Safety, Leadership & Management, and Online Bookkeeping.

The log-in process, via the High Speed Training website, was very simple and you are directed straight to the summary page related to your course which shows your progress so far.  As the course is modular, it is great if your time management is not up to scratch at the beginning of the course, as you can complete one module, stop and log out and then log back in and start the next module when you are ready to do so.  Some of the pages within the module were information only, others were interactive, and the speed was controlled entirely by me.  There is audio running alongside the slides as well, however I found that I read the information much quicker (I do read pretty fast) than the audio person so found this quite annoying.  I just turned the audio off on my laptop and carried on fine – purely personal preference.

The areas that I need to improve on related to Time Management are lack of planning, flitting from one task to another before the first has been completed, and procrastination.  I therefore went into the course knowing what my main issues were, however it is always good to revisit a topic and I am glad I did.

Without detailing the contents, the course has helped me to plan my day better, prioritise my tasks more effectively and reduce my procrastination.  I particularly liked the session on ‘Timestealers’ as I am quite guilty of having a little look on Facebook when I should be working, and I also found the session on Meetings very interesting as well.  Each Module has a recap page which was helpful, and then the whole course is completed with an optional quiz.  I did complete the quiz getting 100% – so I now have no excuses and my time management must improve!

I was really impressed that my certificate for completing the course arrived in the post the very next day.  Well done High Speed Training!

The Time Management course costs £20 + VAT.

You can find out more about the Time Management course and other course available on the High Speed Training Website: www.highspeedtraining.co.uk

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