Direct Sales: Top Tips for Selling at Events

Guest post by Cath Harrop, mum2mum market

As an event organiser I want every stallholder at my events to have a profitable sale and a positive experience. My job is to effectively market the event to draw a large crowd of buyers. As a stallholder it is your job to sell to them!

Here are my top tips on how to get the most out of your stall.

1. Before booking your stall: Make sure your products are a good match for the type of buyer the event will attract. A good event organiser should only accept bookings from appropriate businesses and should allow only one stall of each type (eg one card seller) per event but that isn’t guaranteed so check before booking.

2. Market your business before the event: Let people know where you are going to be. If the event is on Facebook share the event post on your wall, post about your business on the event wall – letting people know that you will be there and promote any seasonal products or offers that you will be selling. Ask if there is anything in particular people would like you to bring along. Even if no one replies it sets the tone that you are helpful and approachable and gets your brand noticed.

3. Your stall: Make your stall look appealing – Don’t overload it with an overwhelming choice of products. Have a brochure of the full product line available if you have more to sell. Practice setting up at home beforehand so you can see how it looks. Have plenty of flyers or business cards available and give them out.

4. Stand up and smile!
Too many sellers sit behind their stall, head down and reading a book and then complain they didn’t sell enough!  Engage your buyer in conversation- ask what they are looking for and help them to find it. Try to be friendly and enthusiastic throughout and please don’t straighten up your products every time someone touches them!

Mum2mum market organise award-winning nearly new sales where mums sell to mums. At each sale there are a handful of business stalls- mainly direct sales.  The mum2mum market network is spreading rapidly across the UK with franchises still available in some areas. Visit to find a sale near you.

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