Twitter apps to help you manage your business -Part 2

Twitter is a funny old place. Lots to see and do on there. Always lots to read and clickable links on there. Lots of amazing pictures on there. In fact, lots of everything on there! Including peeps!

Do you ever wonder how to find the best people on Twitter?

There are many people on Twitter that can offer you exactly what you need, both through friendships, spirituality, information, business and many more. Twitter is one of the best places online to find your ideal client or a great service provider. It is easy to get confused though with the vast amount of accounts to choose from.

Did you know that there is a Twitter directory?

A place you can go to find the most popular Twitter accounts for any niche!

Let me introduce Twellow

Twellow is a great site where you can simply add the niche you are interested in eg: fitness and find some of the biggest, most popular accounts on Twitter that are guaranteed to fill your twitter feed with an amazing array of quality tweets to keep you motivated and up to date on the latest developments.

Twellow also allows you to register and add yourself to the directory so that people can find you too. Make sure that you add your information on Twellow, such as your location, correctly as once it’s entered it can’t be changed. I have relocated since joining Twellow and the little devils that run the account settings department there won’t allow me to add a new location to my profile. It’s frustrating, but then again Twitter and Twellow attract visitors globally  and my niche is social media so my business is run online. Location isn’t really an obstacle for me. If it is though, please be thorough and double check your account details before hitting save!

When I use Twellow to find accounts of interest I often cross reference them with klout. shows your online influence. If you have an account on Twitter you can register with klout and start building a klout score. Scores range from 0-99. 99 being the highest score.

Many companies seeking candidates to fill job positions use klout as an indication of the applicants influence, especially if you are in the online industry.

Klout has rolled out many changes over the past 12 months and now you can even show your expertise in a specific niche by answering questions that have been posed by other klout users. It’s a great way to get in front of your ideal client and to get noticed. It checks all of your social networks every 90 days so it is always updating your activity.

Some people eat and sleep their klout scores and swear by having a high score. You can make of it what you will, it carries as much weight as you allow it to. I have to say though that having one is a good way to make an impression. Not long ago American Airlines were offering free entry to their airport lounges, even if you weren’t flying with them, providing you had a klout score over 55 so they are obviously watching the site. To find out more click here. Never underestimate your online presence and its power!

Remember visit and register for the Twitter directory, and also sign up for a klout profile at Both are free to join so great exposure for your business without the hefty fee! – Tara

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