Is What You Wear Important When You Work From home?

Untitled designWhen you work from home it can be quite liberating to not have to get dressed in a particular way for your ‘work’

Whether you have abandoned a suit or uniform from your previous employed role, when you work from home there are no regulations or restrictions on what to wear – a real bonus right?

There are of course some advantages to not having to get dressed up for work, whether it be cost saving (tailored suits, dry cleaning..) and from the comfort aspect (who wants to sit in a suit all day anyway), but this doesn’t mean there are hundreds of home workers slopping around in their PJ’s until noon!  Most people who work from home will agree that it is important to still maintain a level of personal care and appearance as if you were actually going to a work place.   This can have a real affect on your professional mindset too.  By dressing for ‘work’ your whole mindset is different and this will really show to those who you are speaking with on the telephone or corresponding with.

There is also the confidence aspect; we all feel better when we are looking good don’t we?

It’s a good idea to see yourself and your work area from the perspective of other people – what would your peers think if they could see you in your home office/work area?

Food for thought…would love to hear what your work from home attire is? Comment below – Suzannah x

3 Responses to “Is What You Wear Important When You Work From home?”

  1. Trish Clarke 12:39 amDecember 27, 2014

    Working from home requires some discipline if you want to maintain the professional levels that you achieve when in the office. I agree it is nice not to have to put a suit on etc however working in for example PJ’s will impact your mindset and I can assure you your work will not be as sharp. Normal morning routines should still happen, the very least teeth and hair I know this sounds obvious but I have encounted some of my colleagues who did not bother. The benefits are all to do ,with fresh start new day making you feel ready for the day etc
    So please ladies at least make some effort in appearance when wfh it does have an impact even if you think it doesn’t!

  2. Saskia 11:40 pmJanuary 8, 2015

    For me its crucial to make an effort despite working at home, particularly as I work at the dining room table opposite a mirror! I know I work harder and more productively when I look like the sharp and professional woman I want to be.

  3. Rebecca Newenham 11:49 amJanuary 14, 2015

    Great article Suzannah – we have written quite a few blogs about this subject as we run a team of virtual assistants and the team rarely work face to face. The team love the fact that they can work in their pjs if they want to but I agree that we all feel more ‘on it’ when we are dressed comfortably but smartly. Even if it is your makeup and a nice top suitable for those presentable Skype calls. I believe your attitude to work is more positive if you stick to daily rituals and make those consistent.

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