Jo Williamson – Talkfirst Franchisee

Talkfirst FranchiseYour Name and Age:
Jo Williamson, 38

Company name and nature of business:
Talkfirst Baby Signing and Singing Baby Signing Classes

When did you start your business?
First started signing classes in 2004 became a franchisee in 2008

What type of jobs did you have before you started your business?
Accounts Manager, Civil Servant, Office Worker

How does your business fit around your family life?
I run the classes in Term Time only and at times that my children are at school.

What has been the most challenging part about running your business?
Being ill as there is nobody to take over from you and carry the classes on for you luckily in all the years I have only ever cancelled a class twice!

How has your business grown since it started?
I used to only have one class a week that has now grown to 5 classes a week and another in the pipeline!

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to start their own business?
Take all the advice you need and then do what you think is right! Trust your gut instincts

Do you have any tips for success?
It is really hard at first but persevere You WILL get there in the end! Use as many tools as you can to get noticed twitter, facebook, local newspapers etc anything to get your name out there!

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