What Do Our Children Really Need?

Kiddilog | World VisionWe all know hands down that being a mum is chuffing hard work. If someone had told me ‘pre mummy’ Kids are hard work you know!’ I would have nodded and agreed but never fully understood the concept- then I had twins!

But when we make that transition from pre mummy to mummy, as parents we are only too willing to sacrifice our own needs whether it be our own interests, hobbies or even career to give our children what we think they need. We provide necessities such as food , clothing and shelter. We ensure their material needs are met by bankrupting ourselves to provide the latest iPhone, tablet, PlayStation etc. I’m also pretty certain we would throw ourselves under a big red double decker bus if put in the situation. But what do our children really need?

World Vision are asking not just bloggers but parents like me, when our children needed us last. The twins have just turned 3 and they are forever demanding with their list of requests day and night!

For example, take twin #2- Edward. My little feather weight dictator who at times has enough ammunition to blow up the London Underground. His temper tantrums often result in extended breath holding episodes because his juice is in the wrong cup. He want’s toast. He does not want toast. The sky is blue. You get my drift. For this reason alone, he was nicknamed Damian from around 6 months.

Parenting TwinsA couple of weeks ago, Damian was discharged after one of his monthly trips to A & E for viral wheezing, when back at home we settled both boys down for the evening. They had moved into toddler beds the year before and had made the joint decision to co-sleep. I had no problem with this. They can sleep curled up in the wardrobe as long as they actually sleep. At 3 am his brother tip toed into our bedroom leaving Damian alone which of course half an hour later, when he woke up solo, spurred on another wheezing attack. I found myself lying next to him in a borrower sized toddler bed wedged in by a Lindam bed guard gently stroking the side of his face. Instantly he fell asleep comforted by the fact he knew he was not alone, he was safe and there was nothing to be afraid of. How can a child so hot tempered and volatile at times be so vulnerable?

Our children need us. They need to know they are loved. They need to be heard even if their little ramblings make no sense because this is how they express their impulsive and often intense little feelings. Children need to experience a childhood, not exposure to fear and uncertainty. They need, warmth, shelter and food. I am fortunate I am able to provide my children with all of these things along with a couple of little luxuries I think they need but there is a poignant reminder that not all families are as fortunate.

Admittedly, I had one if the worst night’s sleep that night and I distinctively remember walking round with a crick in my neck lasting the majority of the following day- but his little face when he woke up in the morning.

So, consider when was the last time your child needed you and share your story below to help raise awareness of sponsoring a child with World Vision.

Find out more the World Vision campaign: www.worldvision.org.uk/child-sponsorship

Remember, sharing is caring – Please comment, like or share this blog to raise awareness.

Author Bio

Helena is a former healthcare professional, multiple mum to twin boys Alex and Edward and newest edition, Elijah. Founder of KiddiLog #RecordTrackMonitor
Facebook: facebook.com/KiddiLog

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