Work it, Mum: Juggling Motherhood and Your Career

Untitled design (75)As a working mother, you have your hands full. Between your career and raising your children, life can be pretty hectic. Being a mum who works and has a family to care for makes you an employee both in the office and in your home, and, as you already know, motherhood is a 24-hour job that requires plenty of overtime and allows for minimal time off. Maintaining your professional existence, family life, and sanity can put a lot of pressure on career-oriented mums.

For many mums, working a typical 9 to 5 or 8-hour day can be draining, even if you have a nanny or your children are in daycare or school. Because your day doesn’t end when you shut down your computer or clock out of the office, mums who work outside of the home experience more stress than their male counterparts. Much of this stems from the fact that many working mothers still perform the traditional woman’s role in their households, including, preparing meals, doing chores, and overseeing the activities of their children. Mums who work from home aren’t exempt from the pressures of coping with their careers and families, and many may endure more stress if they have to contend with work and caring for their children during work hours. So how can a career-driven mother handle both her professional and mummy duties? Here are some tips for managing your career while remaining the best mother you can be.

Balancing Act: How to Simultaneously Work and Mother

No one said motherhood would be easy, but they also never mentioned how difficult it’d be to work and take care of your little ones. Some may view working outside of the home as getting a break from being a mum, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a mother who spends eight hours or more away from her children, a working mum can undergo more stress and encounter feelings of guilt for spending so much time away from her children and family. There are a multitude of ways working mothers can relieve their anxieties and guilt during their time at work; here are a few ideas to help:

  • If you have young children who stay home with a nanny or babysitter whilst you are in the office, call at least once during the day to speak with your children and discuss how their day is going.
  • If your children attend daycare or school, get involved with the school as much as possible; whether it be joining an organization for parents or something small like volunteering to bake a cake for a school event.
  • For new mothers, being away from your infant can be a burden of its own. Naturally, your newborn is going to be a significant distraction for the first few weeks, but simple things, like adorning your office with pictures of your baby or taking a moment out of your day to peruse websites like Marks and Spencer for baby items, make being away from your child a bit more bearable.
  • If you are a professional who works from home and cares for her children, this may seem unnecessary as you spend the bulk of your day with your children. However, it’s even more important that you share some quality time with your children. Mums with home-based businesses or jobs that allow them to work remotely often spend less time with their families. Take a break from work and spend time with your children by preparing and having lunch with them or taking them out for a stroll or to a park. No matter how packed your schedule may be, taking time out to interact with your children will be the highlight of your day as well as theirs.

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