Working as a Part-Time Nanny

Untitled design (23)We spoke to Donna who explains why she chose a career as a part-time nanny.

Tell us about your job
I’m a Part-time Nanny

What appealed to you about your career choice?
I always wanted to work with children but didn’t get into it until I was 25 when I got a job as a trainee nursery nurse in a nursery.

How did you get into it (qualifications needed, experience etc.)?
I trained on the job and gained my level 3 qualification after 18 months of being in the role. I continued working in the nursery for 4 1/2 years until I left to go on maternity leave to have my son.

What does a typical day involve?
Once I had my son I knew I didn’t want to go back to a nursery setting so I got a job as a nanny where I could take my son with me. My first role as a nanny was for a little boy who was born at 26 weeks premature and needed oxygen 24/7 so he was very highly dependant on me, which meant I needed extra training my medical staff on using his oxygen machine and what levels were normal and when I would need to contact emergency services if needed. I knew the family as I looked after his older brother at the nursery so this is was a comfort to me knowing that I comfortable talking to them about any issues or if I had any questions – to which I had many- that were all answered and we were all reliant on each other to keep everyone who needed to be informed in the loop. I loved the role, but after a year the little boy was a happy healthy 2 year old and was able to attend the same nursery his brother went to so this role came to an end. I found another nanny job with another family and have been there just under a year again my son comes with me.

Is there any scope for family-friendly working (flexi-time or work at home days)
Yes I set my own hours.

What aspects do you enjoy most about your job?
I love the fact I spend my time with children, helping them develop and further their strengths and abilities and help with any thing they have problems with. I also like the fact that my son has a play mate while I am at work but still under my care.

Are there any parts of your job that you don’t enjoy and how do you deal with these?
The only part of my job I am not too keen on is when the children are ill; I hate sick, so cleaning up sick is one thing I can’t stand however I do just get on with it as I know it needs doing and children get sick, it’s a part of life so just needs to be dealt with.

Are you able to progress further? What other career options are open to you having done this kind of job?
If I wanted to progress further there are higher qualifications I can obtain by further training to go into other childcare roles like teaching or nursery manager roles.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into this line of work/career?
Anyone wanting to get into this career it is very rewarding knowing that you have helped children to reach certain milestones or other abilities, like learning to read or teaching them new life skills.

Donna Yankauer

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