Working as an NLP Practitioner

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a fascinating subject to learn, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Lesley who tells us what it’s like to work as an NLP coach.

Tell us about your job

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), otherwise sometimes known as a life coach/performance coach is about positivity, understanding yourself, and retraining of the brain to either overcome something or have clarity/vision on how you will achieve your desires out of life. I get to help people who want to help themselves. In general it is retraining of the brain. I do this by helping them tap into their unconscious mind to achieve something they desire, understand themselves, their past and current behaviour and making change happen as they desire. Topics vary and are totally dependant on the individual as to what the conversation would be. Sometimes to go forward it is important to go back to understand why.

An example could be goal setting, by setting your goal in your unconscious mind you are continuously thinking about how to achieve it, therefore it will happen and believing it will happen is one key factor.

What appealed to you about your career choice?
Helping people. To help those who do not lead a fulfilled life because of barriers such as for example, low confidence, fears, phobias, self doubt, and many more reasons; and live their life’s based on past experiences and don’t know how to get over these. I have had a great career, have amazing family and friends, and yet I now know from my own journey, that I let lack of self belief hold me back from personal, fun, and career choices for a stage of my life – I want to help others achieve their dreams whatever they may be.

How did you get into it (qualifications needed, experience etc.)?
I was introduced to NLP about 3 years through a colleague at work whilst I was a Regional Sales Manager. I attended a 3 day course designed to look at me, purely me and my dreams and barriers. I went to overcome a personal trait to help me self develop in a certain aspect of my role. I understood what my barrier was and why, and more importantly I got so much personal growth out of this day, I found something hidden so deep in my brain, I didn’t even know it was there until this event. I decided that day I was going to be a NLP Practitioner to help others. This day helped my career ongoing as a coach/trainer and in my personal life and development.

After qualifying in September 2015 (immediately after taking voluntary redundancy) I coached through friends/family/friends of friends and 14 case studies, and since done free events to promote the understanding of how it can help and 1-1. I love helping people achieve the life they want, life is too short to live it any other way.

What does a typical day involve?
I live and breathe with my NLP attitude. This fits around my part time job, my husband/daughter and is completely part of my two businesses so an afternoon / evening can be different every day,. It can be part of a conversation with someone I am talking to, directly or indirectly part of a Training Course I deliver, or a 1-1 session at a time suitable on Skype/face to face with the client. I get to do what I love flexibly. The scenario surrounding a 1-1 session or event is:-

Preparing myself mentally and during the 1-1/event understanding their reason/desired outcome, we take it from there and then book time / potential number of sessions (depending on the topic/situation it can be one, sometimes more). I am totally at one with the person/people during their time. Afterwards depends on the client as to what next steps are for them – I adapt to what meets their needs at the time. I am always there for them should they need me.

Is there any scope for family-friendly working (flexi-time or work at home days)
Yes, opportunity for flexi-time and locations can vary. This is dependant on you the coach and the client. I currently work this around my part time job, my other business and freelance training, so I suit the client.

Are there any specific benefits or perks?
Job Satisfaction when I see that lightbulb moment; Meeting great courageous people; The variety of topics and being with different people allows me to learn or understand something each time; Flexibility; Money when paid work.

What aspects do you enjoy most about your job?
That lightbulb moment which usually means they have learnt something as part of the journey to their desired outcome.

Are there any parts of your job that you don’t enjoy and how do you deal with these?
I love every part of it. NLP is about seeing the positive in every situation, so if a potentially negative situation occurs, to learn from it is the positive attitude. In my experience the lesson learnt from a negative situation is always followed by a positive when thinking in this way. I am grateful for every experience.

Are you able to progress further? What other career options are open to you having done this kind of job?
Yes, the power of NLP is you are equipping yourself to achieve your desires, adapt your thinking to making it happen, and have the ability to change your state to ensure what you want from now and the future. Success is different things for different people.

I will be a Master Practitioner by mid year 2016. This fits in so well with personal, life, performance and business coaching, and automatically for me helps my personal development, therefore because I improve, my business improves, and those around me benefit from this.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into this line of work/career?
Contact me; Depending on what you want completely depends on what advice I would offer, i.e. could I help you understand more about NLP or when you want to become a practitioner, I would highly recommend the amazing person who qualified me as a practitioner.

Lesley Da Silva – Director at Training Solutions & NLP Coaching
Training Solution for Leadership, Personal Development, Sales, Customer Service Skills, Interview Skills, Team Building and NLP Coaching on 1-1/Groups.




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