Working from Home Time Management Tips

Untitled designIt can be a real challenge to get things done when you run your business from home.  You often find that you flit from one task to another (quick blog here, put on a wash load, check e-mail, vacuum the lounge etc.) and not really feeling like you have achieved very much.  To achieve more (and save your sanity)  it is really important to manage your time effectively.  Getting to the end of the day and realising you have half a dozen tasks either incomplete or half done is very frustrating.

Managing Your Time When You Work From Home

  • Make lists. If you have an iPhone or iTouch there is a great app called ‘Evernote’ which is free. You can seperate your home and work tasks and tick them off as you go.  Alternatively get your notepad out and get writing; then keep it somewhere you can see it often to keep a handle on your objectives
  • Don’t waste time social networking.  Plan your computer time for optimum results and treat yourself to Facebook/Twitter time if you complete your task within your allocated time
  • Be realistic about working from home.  Don’t forget ‘me time’ too, if you get invited for coffee with a friend go along! It will refresh you and maybe give you some inspiration
  • Back to lists; always keep a pen and paper handy so you can work on the go.  That 5 minutes sat in the car at school pick up time, or when the little ones are occupied for 5 minutes is precious, so make the most of it.  You could plan what you are going to do tomorrow, start writing your latest blog or note down some ideas for networking/advertising
  • Get a weekly routine.  If you tend to be the one doing many of the household chores, write a routine of what you want to be doing on each day of the week.  This will help you plan your work time more effectively
  • If you are struggling with your workload, consider employing a Virtual Assistant (VA) as a temporary measure.  A VA can help you to write content for your website, manage your newsletter campaigns and even help you with social media too


So, first thing in the morning plan your day.  Be realistic about what you can/want/need to achieve and stick to it!

Feel free to comment below with any time management tips that you use – Suzannah x

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