Working mums earn less after having a baby

According to research entitled ‘Boardrooms and Babies’ carried out by, more than 68% of working mothers claim to earn less than they did before having their baby.

1,300 UK women were surveyed for the research which also found that 54% of new mums had to end their maternity leave early because of financial worries.

Other statistics from the research are as follows:

  • A mere 5% of respondents experienced an increase in salary
  • 5% of respondents got into debt due to maternity leave pay, with 23% of this group blaming their employer’s poor maternity package
  • 73% of respondents said they are better employees as a result of having a baby, with 32% of this group believing that motherhood has made them more focused and organised.

Paul Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of, said:

Women face countless unspoken taboos when it comes to having children and maintaining a career. Our survey makes this all too clear.

We wanted to drill down into what women really experience, practically and financially, in the workplace when a baby appears on the scene. Only by lifting the lid in this way can we encourage conversation and improve communication between everyone involved.

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