3 Smart Things Working Mums Should Do With Their Earnings

Working Mums FinancesWhen you start earning money, you need to get smart with it. It can be tempting to spend lots of your monthly wage packet straight away, particularly when you have young children and you want to spoil them!

However, this is not a clever thing to do, you have to use your money wisely if you want to be financially stable.

Instead of going on a payday spending spree, here are some really smart things you can do with your earnings:

Invest And Grow Your Wealth

I’m sure plenty of you are stuck in jobs that don’t pay as well as you’d like. But, you don’t want to leave them because you have a great deal of job security here, and a fairly decent benefits package. All you really want is to earn more money every month. Well, one smart way you can try and earn more money is by investing it in stocks. Buy some stocks, and you will generate income from them if they do well. The key is investing in stocks that look like they’re on the rise. Things like the Netflix stock price or Google’s stock price are predicted to improve over the coming years as they dominate their industries. On the other hand, things like the Toys R Us stock price is plummeting as the company is going out of business. Invest in the right stocks, and you can earn more money.

Invest In Your Children’s Education

The second smart thing you should do with your money is to invest it again. This time, you’re putting it into your children’s education. Start setting money aside for a university fund of sorts. This type of idea is more common in the US than it is over here, with most families having a ‘college fund’ of sorts. Here, you save money for them to use when they’re old enough to go to uni. It provides them with financial relief, or they can hold onto it until they graduate and use it to pay off their loan. Either way, it’s important for mums – and all parents – to invest in their children’s education. Now, they can earn a good degree, get a well-paid job, and buy you a massive house as a thank you!!

Start An Emergency Fund

Finally, the third thing you should do is start an emergency fund with some of your earnings. Every month, you will put aside some of your wages into a bank account that you don’t touch. Well, you do touch it, but only in emergency cases. Let’s say you had to spend a lot of money one month and now can’t pay your credit card bill. Dip into your emergency savings, and stop yourself from ending up in debt. It’s the smart thing to do and will help you out of many tricky situations.

Quit your spending habits and start doing more with your money. It may have taken you months to find a job, so you can easily get carried away when you start earning money for the first time in a long time. Don’t be rash, be smart, do these three things and say hello to financial stability.

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