Finding a Work/Life Balance with Vorwerk

Vorwerk Women - Business OpportunityStriking a balance between making time for your children and maintaining a successful career could be considered the ‘holy grail’ for most working parents.

No parent wants to miss their child’s starring role in the school play or cup final – but many might not feel that they have a choice when it comes to their careers.

Nearly a quarter (38%) of women strive for work-life balance – with this being the most popular factor when it comes to enjoying their roles, according to insightful figures released by household appliance maker, Vorwerk.

In fact, well over a quarter of women (29%) have admitted that they have considered changing their roles to achieve work-life balance.

And one in ten females also want the freedom (10%) and flexible hours (9%) so that they can fulfil the perfect working life for parents.

Starting a family proved one of the most popular life stages for a change in career with 14% looking into switching roles.

Working for themselves was a strong consideration for women too, as 61% said that they would definitely or possibly want to be their own boss.

And, while there are hundreds of reports about the benefits of working for yourself and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle, for many mums the reality of taking the plunge can be really quite different – going it alone can seem like a scary and daunting prospect.

At Vorwerk, the global organisation understands the concerns mums might feel when it comes to balancing parenting commitments and building a successful career – whether you have been full-time or are coming back from a career break.

Katie Vine is one of those who returned to work after taking time out to care for her children. She joined Vorwerk to improve her career prospects and still spend quality time with her children. She is now her own boss after taking over the running of Vorwerk’s branch in Dartford, Kent.

“I wanted a role which suited everything I was after – a successful career, becoming my own boss and owning my own office and that was everything Vorwerk offered,” said Katie.

“Vorwerk understands family commitments and encourages us to celebrate them. It’s a fantastic way to work and makes the demanding roles of not only being a mum, but a successful businesswoman, much easier.”

Hear from another of Vorwerk’s successful businesswomen, Vorwerk advisor Andrea

Already a huge household name across Europe, Vorwerk is rapidly expanding in the UK and is on the hunt for business-minded mums across the country to work for the global brand.

Combining German engineering, expertise, and ingenuity, Vorwerk builds the products needed to keep the modern home clean, hygienic, and ready for everything that life throws at it.

Found in millions of European homes, its lead vacuum cleaner, the Kobold VK200, is a high-tech solution to deep-clean carpets, hard floors, curtains, and mattresses.

New sales advisors are needed to bring the must-have products to UK homes – transforming how families approach cleaning and vacuuming in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about starting a career with Vorwerk, please visit their website:

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